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Mobile Defenders March 22, 2018
Parts seem to be good quality. When they work. We have about a 80-85% success rate and send quite a few back. They had a few batches of screens that didn't work with the latest iOS update which we had to send back multiple times, losing numerous sales, and they actually wanted us to pay shipping for their defective products! It wasn't the first issue with returns we've had. Which brings me to...

Customer service. Their chat is available during business hours for basic questions but always tell us to contact our rep. Our rep doesn't respond to emails very quickly unless you follow up numerous times or open a chat and have them contact them. We've had a worse experience with the phone. We've asked for another rep and they've ignored our requests. I can only imagine they're very busy.

In this day and age, you expect a business trying to break into the mobile repair market to at least try to keep their customers.

If we didn't have to keep sending back defective parts we wouldn't have to deal with their poor customer service.