Parts 4 Cells

Parts 4 Cells

5750 bintliff drive, STE 204, Houston, United States


It's our vision to serve the Repair Industry to the highest caliber, to provide premium parts at our best possible price with an unquestionable return process.

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TechJedi September 20, 2018
I purchased an OEM refurbished iPhone 8 plus screen from them which I was happy with so I decided I would continue looking to them for parts in the future. My second order was a much different experience. I ordered an Apple watch 3 replacement screen from them along with an OEM galaxy s6 edge battery. First off the battery looks very poor quality. The performance from what I can tell is not what a new OEM battery should be. Second, the $200 apple watch screen would not allow the customer's apple watch to pair to the phone. If you reconnected the old cracked screen the watch paired just fine. I immediately contacted them and asked for a return. They notified me I had to pay for the return. I shipped the screen back and then waited 5 days after they received the returned screen until I finally contacted them and asked for an update. No reply. After 2 more days I sent them a message saying I would dispute the charge with my credit card if I did not hear from them by the end of the day. After that they contacted me and said they were issuing me a gift card for less than what I purchased the screen for. I had to contact my credit card and dispute the charges with them. I will not be purchasing from them in the future.

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