Union Repair

Union Repair

Unit 801,8/F.,Leizhen Building, Fuming Road NO.40,Futian, Shenzhen, China


For your repair life. --- www.unionrepair.com

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Reviews for Union Repair

JP_Mul July 12, 2018
Any issues I had with union repair have been resolved, they are a good quality supplier
JP_Mul March 13, 2018
Placed my first order with this company on 09/02/18. It is now 13/03/18 and I've yet to recieve my parts :-( I sent three chat messages on their website and one email, they didn't reply to any of them, Talk about bad customer service... so frustrating! I've been waiting over a month now! I've opened a payapl claim to try and get back my money, needless to say, it was my fiirst and last order.
Icovers January 14, 2018
Purchased parts for our chain of stores in Northern Ireland Arrived within three days. Great service quality parts.

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