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J.manibusan510 February 20, 2018
Parts come get to the bay in about a day or two. Call and ask for Chris for sales. CEO is getting his money worth employing Chris in sales. OUTSTANDING customer service and I’m a critic about that. SUPERIOR knowledge in all products I asked about. EXCEPTIONAL and EFFICIENT work ethic. No lie,

CEO should call as a customer, see what I’m talking about. And give this guy a raise. He turkey stands out compared to many other people I have worked with and I will definitely be a returning Ong customer because of Chris.
IDenverRepairs December 19, 2017
We have been dealing with josh for a few years. They became a primary source for Us quickly once we started receiving top quality parts at reasonable pricing.
We tend to only purchase PQ or HQ iphone screens, even their SQ stuff works well.
The PQ stuff is GREAT, obviously HQ is best but sometime pricey.
Batteries are fantastic and rarely defective, like 2 outta 100!
Ipad screens are top quality when purchasing HQ and can’t recall a defective one in recent time.
All other samsung/lg/etc are great but are not our primary purchases so can’t speak too much about those products.

I have personally met with the owners of YCP and they’re nice guys. In the retail/repair industry as well so they get it.
Josh is stellar. He has made right any mishaps we may have had along the way. Quick to reply to our needs either call/text/email. #1 business manager we have dealt with along our journey since 2010.

Bottom line,
If you aren’t using YourCellParts then you’re missing out on a top tier supplier.
Give them a try today.
AlienFix December 14, 2017
You will never regret using YourCellParts as your supplier, if you put Quality first in your business this is the best choice for you. Excellent iPhone screens, excellent customer service. Recommend 110%
WirelessPlanet December 13, 2017
YourCellParts is a great vendor who really goes above and beyond to make sure you get the high quality products you need. We've been working with Josh in particular for a while now & you can't beat his customer service. He really cares and keeps you updated on all your orders and needs. Can't recommend them enough!
TechShieldz December 13, 2017
Yourcellparts? Best supplier I’ve had out of 10. Been buying parts from them for over two years, yes the quality wasn’t the best in the beginning, but let me tell you this they’ve improved in every way. Quality, service, and friendship with my company. I always buy all my premium parts to save any headaches with my valued customers. Lifetime warranty which covers all the defects that could occur, I always recommend getting the PQ/HQ because it’s the best you can install on any device. Josh has definitely helped me grow my business by getting parts next day, early in the morning. Give Yourcellparts a try, don’t settle with average.. settle with the best. Thank you Yourcellparts! ????
Siach December 12, 2017
One of the most reliable suppliers I’ve had in 6 years! Great to work with, excellent parts, attentive and always follows up when needed! Josh is great to work with!
Gevork December 12, 2017
Awesome vendor. Been purchasing from them for a few years now. Josh has always taken care of me and quality is the best.
Chad1 December 12, 2017
Best supplier and officially longest supplier relationship (1 year 6 months) I've had in my 8 years in business. Josh is quick to help, parts are premium and competitively priced. Any issues are quickly remedied. Highly recommend.
MENDOZA7J December 12, 2017
Have been doing business with them since their first days. never have i been disappointed. communication is great. Quality is the best. we've tried a bunch of other suppliers and none have been as good as josh and the whole yourcellparts team.
Michael December 12, 2017
Best service, part quality, communication from any supplier i've ever used. If you have defective parts constantly time to recheck your supplier, because thats one thing we don't worry about with Josh and his crew.

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09.00 am - 05.00 pm
09.00 am - 05.00 pm
09.00 am - 05.00 pm
09.00 am - 05.00 pm
09.00 am - 05.00 pm