Stalwart Computers

Stalwart Computers

Glenlochay Road, Perth, United Kingdom


We manufacture our own blends of soldering Flux, Pastes, Fluids, Wires, Low Melt Alloys etc.
We also have a wide range of soldering equipment, hand tools, mobile phone/tablet repair tools, components, consumables, schematics, hardware, test equipment & much more

Also many more little bits like training boards, lenses, machinery, soldering equipment parts like tips/elements/handles, ultrasonic parts & machinery, including fluids for ALL needs, Digital & Optical microscopes,
We're almost a 1 stop shop for ALMOST ANYTHING.

[ We are also working on a wide range of beginners-professionals electronics information/training/learning/tests for new staff/repair manuals/how_to manuals/videos/websites for training & much more. ]

(sometimes those odd little tools that we have from suppliers before release)

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Lewis January 9, 2018
I recently discovered Stalwart computers on Facebook. I bought a number of items including screwdriver set, multimeter probes, ic lifting tools and fine point tweezers all of which are very high quality and very strong. These tools have enabled me to complete certain jobs that were once not possible due to the tools I was previously using. I will be buying some more items in the future thanks again !

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